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Co-Ed Volleyball 6’s

Main Information 

Start Date: Thursday June 22nd / 2023

End Date: August 10th /2023

Season: Summer (8 Weeks)

Game time: Game start times between 7pm and 9pm

Game location: McMaster University (1280 Main St. W, Hamilton)

Skill level: Rec/Int – Schedule may be changed after the first week of games to ensure teams are competing against a similar skill level

Team Requirements

Min players on court/team: 6

Min females: 2

Min males: 2

Registration and Cost

Individuals: $119

Team: $799

Additional League Info

Officials: Games will be self officiated

Game length: Games will be best 2 out of 3 sets up to 25 points. Games will be win by 2 with a cap at 27 points. If the time runs out in the 3rd game, as long as 8 total points have been played, the game will count.

Playoffs and Prizes: Each team will get two playoff games with the top 4 competing for the championship, various prizes will be awarded

Exclusion dates: Holidays

Jerseys: Each team will get free team jerseys for the season

Rules: Games will be played with basic volleyball rules with an on-site convenor available for clarification

Equipment: Equipment will be provided for this league including game balls

Upon Registration, teams will be contacted with full details regarding the league, location, jersey’s, schedule and any other important information.

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